Thursday, June 16, 2011

Nancy Spencer

Nancy Spencer. Wooh. She is pretty good at what she does. The first two images are taken on a diana camera, the second two are taken with a Zone Plate at the Museum of mummies in Mexico.( a Zone plate is to be the 'cousin' of the pinhole, as instead of using a small hole it has a plate with a series of clear and opaque concentric circles that look like a target. this creates softer images-very interesting) And the last two are taken on a digital camera with a zone plate attached instead of a lens.

Spencer is one of the founding members of the Pinhole Resorce web site which is a site i visted alot when working on my own pinhole camera.

I really like the variety in Spencer's work and how she really explores alternative ways of photographing, especially with a digital camera. I think most of her work is very haunting but beautiful at the same time. Maybe what i like most, and what i would like to achieve in my work, is the fact that all her series's are quite different and use different techqniues, yet, all manage to contain a similar mood and feeling to them.

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Thursday, June 9, 2011

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