Monday, April 9, 2012

Garry Fabian Miller

This is Miller's early work (which was what started his international art career at the age of 18!)
when he was working with cameras. The top 5 images are from the 1970's series Sections of England: The Sea Horizon and the bottom 5 are from the 1977-78 series Sections of England: Frozen Water.
I think these images are quietly wonderful, and even though I am also a fan of his Camera Less work, I wonder what other beauties he could have created if he stuck with the camera for a few more years...

Garry Fabian Miller- Camera Less

These prints are truly lovely, Iam so keen to see one in real life. They are photograms made onto Dye Destruction Paper.

Kaye Green

Adam Fuss

Adam Fuss, a God in photography if there ever was one.
These Daguerreotypes and photograms are my favorites of his work.
His website doesn't have too much work on it, but lots of other sites show images of his work.
Not that any of these image could represent the beauty that (I imagine) his work has in real life.

Anna Atkins

Anna Atkins- 1799-1871, was a British Botanist. She was the first to use photography (the camera-less cyanotype photograms) to record botanic specimens, creating a book in 1843 called British Algae: Cyanotype Impressions

Iam interested in this way of recording and capturing organic specimens and would like to do something similar. I like how feminine these prints are in their delicate and aesthetic arrangements.

Angela Grauerholz

Waterscapes by Angela Grauerholz. 10, 11x14 inch silver gelatin prints created in 1990

In the book Prospect 96 Grauerholz states that she is drawn to the surface of the water as a mirror of the external world, the layers visible just beneath the surface which create an abstract and ambiguous reality. Suppressing reference to reality, colour and detail, leaving a world where, "the viewer enters an open ended space where neither place nor time is identified".

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