Monday, July 2, 2012

Andrey Tarkovskiy

(couldnt find any titles for these images)

Caroline Rannersberger

Into the Hartz 2012, 120x120cm

Mercurial Territory 1 56x76cm each, relief ink, oil, beeswax on paper mounted on gatorboard

Section 1 of Red Ochre Escarpment

Section 1 of Straited Plateaus

Towards Huon Island 2012, oil on paper, 120x120cm

Unveiling Hartz, 2012

Melancholy Territory 111

Berit Myreboe

The Tide, 2012, 148x120

UT(triptych) 2012

La Vague, 80x120, 2012
Aluminum, Transfer, Painting. Website.

Liesl Pfeffer

The Mountains Wai

The Crystal Lake

One Hundred Days Away

Sunset Over Mountains

Mountain Rock

From QCP website:
In Souvenir, Liesl Pfeffer uses the tropes of travel photography to explore the concept of photographic truth. Souvenir consists of photo- media collages depicting imaginary foreign landscapes, including mountain ranges, fjords and lakes, inspired by and referencing the composition of vernacular travel photographs. What at first glance appears to be a mountain is actually made up of pieces of snapshots of the everyday; anything from fences to clouds. There is something false and visually jarring in these images; the artists uses this disjunct to explore questions of truth in photography.

Noel McKenna

Big Bull Wauchope, 2004

Diseased Trees, Lynne Park, Rose Bay 200g, 60x70cm

Jetty, Second Valley 2006

Man Fishing Autumn Scene, 2009, 60x60cm

Man with two dogs, 2009, 21x25cm

Snail coming down, 2004

South Coast Picture, 2002

Sydney, Autumn phase, 2008, 150x180cm

The Tasmanian Home of Bob Brown, Leader of the Greens 2011

Two trees, 2000

Big Apple, Batlow NSW

Big Pineapple, Nambour, Queensland

Gotta Love the Mo

House in Paddock, Upper Hunter 2010

Two Fruit Trees, 2000

Robert Cobcroft

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